Andrew Nurnberg Associates Warsaw Literary Agency handles Polish and foreign translation rights for authors represented by Andrew Nurnberg Associates Agency, but also works for copyright holders represented by prominent publishers and literary agencies.

Our policy is to maximize our attention to the authors and optimize our business goals by handling all deals accurately and promptly. We work closely with publishers of all publishing profiles. The agency’s ambition is to provide an individual approach which is at the core of the agency’s service of networking Polish and international partners.

Our Team

Marcin Biegaj

Managing Director

A graduate of Polish and English studies, before joining Andrew Nurnberg Associates International as the managing director to the Warsaw office Marcin spent several years at the prestigious Graal Literary Agency. As an agent Marcin specializes in contemporary literary and commercial fiction, particularly crime and psychological thriller. He’s also a keen reader on psychology, religion, reportage and narrative non-fiction and follows the trends across the YA and children’s categories.

Marta Ziółkowska


Marta Ziółkowska, a Warsaw University alumna (Specialized Language Interpretation and Translation – English and German, MA), has nine years’ experience in the Polish market. She has worked as an assistant and junior agent for Graal Literary Agency in the past, and joined ANA Warsaw in 2015. Books have always been her greatest passion. Her personal favorites include contemporary fiction and YA literature, as well as pop culture, sports, lifestyle and mind/body non-fiction.

Anna Rucińska


Anna is an alumna of the Jagiellonian University (English Translation, MA and Intellectual Property Law, PgD). She has worked in publishing for over 25 years, first as a rights manager, then as an acquisitions editor at Znak Publishers, and in 2018 she joined ANA Warsaw to become an agent.
Anna knows the publishing world very well and has in-depth practical knowledge of copyright law and the entire publishing process. In her time as an editor, she managed several key publishing projects and worked with the most notable Polish and translated authors. Anna enjoys literary novels, historical fantasy, and high-quality women’s fiction. Being an “ecofreak” and a mum of two, she reads everything on natural lifestyle, cooking, and education.

Ewelina Węgrzyn


Ewelina holds a BA in Scandinavian Studies and a postgraduate diploma in Literary Translations from Swedish into Polish, both obtained from University of Social Sciences and Humanities and she is an MA graduate of the Institute of Applied Social Sciences at the University of Warsaw. She has been the recipient of numerous grants, including a scholarship from the Swedish Institute. An avid reader of literary fiction and reportage, Ewelina has a soft spot for Scandinavian crime drama, mystery and thriller.

Anna Jędrzejczyk


Anna Jędrzejczyk, a Jagiellonian University alumna (English Studies, MA, and Editorial Studies, BA), has nine years’ experience in publishing. Before joining ANA Warsaw team, she worked as an acquisitions editor, incidentally acting as a reviewer, translator, copy editor, and even an author. As for the road not taken, she holds a master’s degree in Psychology (SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities). An avid reader of contemporary fiction and all kinds of non-fiction.

Anna Czerwień-Gaś

Contracts Manager

A specialist in copyright law by profession and passion. A graduate of Intellectual Property Law at the Jagiellonian University. She gained her first experience on the publishing market in the rights department of one of the largest publishing houses in Poland, ZNAK. Privately, big enthusiast of literature, dogs, film and music festivals – the order is not accidental.

Marta Broniarek-Woźniak

Royalties Manager

Marta holds a master’s degree in Economics. From the beginning of her professional career she has been lucky to be able to work with what she loves – books. She worked for two Publishers: Świat Książki and Wydawnictwo Zielona Sowa, and recently she joined Andrew Nurnberg Associates Warsaw team. She has two daughters, so mainly for the moment she reads a lot of children’s books and about children. When children go to sleep she enjoys crime stories and reportages. In her free time she explores vegan cuisine and tries to find new homes for stray cats.

Anna Kapelańska

Office Manager

An Italianist and specialist translator by education. She combines translation challenges with working as an office manager. She gained her experience by running Italian and Polish, smaller and larger offices.

In her spare time, she loves reading Polish and foreign prose and reportages. As a mother of three daughters, she also closely observes literature for the youngest.